PH: Arts & Sciences, Client: Google, Brand: Google, Agency: Arts & Letters Creative Co.



Producer: Christina Cairo

Assistant Producer: Mel Calabro

Director: Mike Warzin

DOP: Sean Porter

Managing Partner & Executive Producer: Marc Marrie

Head of Production: Christa Skotland

Line Producer: Alex Waite

Editing Company: Arcade Edit

Editors: Jeff Ferruzzo & Ali Mao

VFX Creative & Production: The Mill

Colour: Tom Poole @ CO3 NY

Audio Mix: Elizabeth McClanahan @ Heard City

Motion Design – UI: Mixtape Club



Director of Brand Growth: Flavia Simon

Product Marketing Manager: Therese Wong

Associate Product Marketing Manager,: Stefanie Pinsley

Social Marketing Manager: Jessica Breslin



Founder & Executive Creative Director: Charles Hodges

Creatives: NJ Placentra, Chris Stephens, Joey Ianno, Jonathan Hirsch

Director of Strategy: Andy Grayson

Director of Production: Letitia Jacobs

Managing Director: Rich Weinstein

Business Director: Allison Oxenreiter

Business Manager: Danielle Young

Business Affairs: Karen Murillo, Lenora Cushing