Released on: August 5, 2014
Agency: Madison PH: Code Red Films


Director: Gajraj Rao Producer: Subrat Ray Other: Rishi Punjabi Line Producer: Anant Alim Other: Mahi Art Director: Ajay (Pupa Set) Other: Samimitra Das Other: Vishal Gupta Other: Dixshant Gaurav Kala Casting Director: Shrikant Lad Casting Director: Vishal Gupta Other: Shubham Bhatia Other: Lyn Andrade Other: Shailesh Pawar & team Other: Pixion Offline Editor: Munishwer Other: Miten Udeshi Online Editor: Augustine Noronha Sound Engineer: Arun Crasto Music Director: Sameer Uddin singer: Akshay Verma Song: Gopal Datt Other: Piyush Puty

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