Opportunity Roars


Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins Producer: Donald Taylor Other: The Mill Executive Producer: Melanie Wickham Other: Clairellen Wallin Other: Anastasia von Rahl Other: Zack Franciose Other: Jalisa House Other: Ruben Vandebroek Other: Kyle Cody Other: Ruben Vandebroek Other: Kevin Ives Other: Kshitij Khanna Other: Molly Intersimone Other: Dae Yoon Kang Other: Yoon-sun Bae Other: Rachel Moon Other: Dhruv Shankar Other: Taner Besen Other: Rob Meade Other: Sung Eun Moon Other: Adam Dewhirst Other: Todd Akita Other: Nick Couret Other: Jackie Liao Other: John Wilson Other: Emily Meger Other: Jeff Lopez Other: Seon Crawford Other: Arman Matin Other: Ren Hsien-Hsu Other: Lauren Shields Other: Tyler Heckman Other: Sewang Kim Other: Jonathan McCoy Other: Incheol Jeong Other: Justin Hammond Other: Anna Cardillo Other: Jimmy Gass Other: Constance Bensen Other: Hannah Lee Other: Krystal Sae Eua Other: Jeffrey Lee Other: Blake Guest Other: Tom Graham Other: Juan Zavala Other: Nole Murphy Other: Ziming Liu Other: Sivasubramanian Other: Vitaal Kuntla Other: Leela Shanker Other: Sendil Kumar J Other: Karthik Viswanathan Other: Murali Krishna Reddy Other: Muthyala Krishnaiah Other: Gokul Navaneethan Other: Sathyaraj A, Karthick Karuppaswamy Other: Mehrose Other: Sandeep Patil Other: Jai KIshan Other: Tarun Kumar Other: Chaitali Shah Other: Nijesh Other: Giri Prasath S Matte Painting: Cedric Menard Matte Painting: Charles Lee Other: MPC Colour Producer: Rebecca Boorsma Colourist: Mark Gethin


Global Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Executive Creative Director: Michele Kunken other: Mike Abell other: Kevin Gentile Executive producer: Karen McKibben Assistant Producer: Isabelle Vrod Head of Business Leadership: Jon Schwartz Business Director: Elizabeth Asselin

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