#justdoit Nike - Dream Crazier


Director: Kim Gehrig Other: Sally Campbell Other: Tim Nash Executive Producer: Nicky Barnes Line Producer: Suzie Grenne-Tedesco Head of Production: Laura Hegarty Production Supervisor: Courtney Nolen Assistant Production Supervisor: DeeAhna Hernandez Editing: Joint Editorial Editor: Peter Wiedensmith Other: Vanessa Yuille Other: Trevor Schulte Other: Kristy Faris Post Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh Post Producer: Jen Milano Executive Producer: Leslie Carthy Head of Production: Patty Brebner Sound Designer: Noah Woodburn Sound Designer: Natalie Huizenga VFX: A52 VFX Supervisor: Pat Murphy Other: Adam Flynn Other: Richard Hirst Other: Rod Basham Other: Joey Brattesani Other: Andy Davis Other: Dan Ellis Other: Kevin Stokes Online Editor: Kevin Stokes, Online Editor: James Buongiorno Online Editor: Sam Kolber Producer: Michael Steinmann Producer: Jillian Lynes Other: Andrew Rosenberger Executive Producer: Kim Christensen Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall Other: Company 3 Other: Tom Poole Other: Alexandra Lubrano Other: Jenny Montgomery Other: Eleven Studios Mixer: Jeff Young Assistant Mixer: Andrew Smith Executive Producer: Melissa Elston Producer: Imani Franklin


Creative Director: Alberto Ponte Creative Director: Ryan O’Rourke other: Alex Romans other: Emma Barnett Broadcast producer: Shelley Eisner Production Coordinator: Cole Davenport Executive producer: Jake Grand Executive producer: Krystle Mortimore Head of Production: Matt Hunnicutt Head of Production: Mike Davidson other: Emily Kahn other: Laura Caldwell Director of Business Affairs: Amber Lavender


Group Brand Director: Andre Gustavo Brand Director: Luiza Prata Carvalho Brand Executive: William Frazier Brand Executive: Anthony Williams Global Group Strategy Director: Andy Lindblade Brand Strategy Director: Nate Goldberg Global Media Director: Daniel Sheniak other: Reme DeBisschop Associate Media Director: Emily Graham Media Supervisor: Stephanie Campbell Media Planner: Vivian Zhang Assistant Media Planner: James Ramseur Design Ops Manager: Alicia Kuna Design Producer: Michael Rosenau Designer: Rob Mumford Retoucher: Frazer Goodbody Creative Manager: Zilla Peoples Integrated Traffic Manager: Tim Bell Integrated Traffic Manager: Marie Hernandez

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